Suresh Jathar

Age: 44 Years | City: Mumbai | Profession: Investment Consultant | Started On WFPD: December 2014 | Time Taken To Heal: 1 Year


  • Till about 1.5 years ago, I had high BP and blood sugar, and was overweight.
  • I used to feel lethargic in the morning, and experience fatigue most of the time.
  • I had also been to other allopathic and ayurvedic doctors before, but in vain.


  • Today, I feel more energetic, and even get up at 5 am and go for yoga classes.
  • My entire family has stopped eating non-veg food. I have stopped consuming dairy too.
  • Everybody now finds me looking younger, fresher and I had to get all my clothes altered as they did not fit me anymore.


Suresh Jather’s Pathology Report
Before After
Creatinine 1.5 1.2
HB1AC 9.4 6.4
Blood Sugar(Fasting) 136 100
Blood Pressure 140/90 120/80
Weight 90 75


This patient was obese, had Type 2 diabetes since 10 years, high BP and on medication. His kidney profile Serum Creatinine was high, and I was very afraid of kidney failure and subsequent dialysis that may have been required. All targets were set. Weight loss was essential.

Whole foods plant based diet and lifestyle helps in reversing obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney affection due to diabetes. Suresh ate a lot of fried foods, sweets and tended to eat outside a lot. He was eager to incorporate changes in his diet and lifestyle to save his kidneys. He knew he is still young and if his kidneys failed, life would have been hell for him. He changed his diet completely; he stopped eating junk foods and started walking as often as he could. As a result, his abdominal obesity reduced considerably.

Today, he is off medication, has lost 15 kg weight, looking much younger and energetic. His latest kidney reports are normal. All this was achieved in 1 year.


Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India is India’s official first ever vegan print publication. It aims is to bring the vegan community closer and create awareness about the ethical and health advantages of following this lifestyle. The magazine was launched on 1t November 2019, which was World Vegan Day.

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