What Doctors May Be Missing: Talk For Medics

Amidst a panel of doctors with varied specializations, Dr Rupa Shah opened up about a new disease outbreak that she has dubbed, ‘Affluenza’.

 It was a dark and rainy evening as a group of medical professionals and experts gathered to hear Dr Rupa Shah share her diagnosis of patients’ deteriorating lifestyles in a talk at Doolally’s, Khar, Mumbai, on 28 September 2018. She opened her talk with “What was wrong with milk” and busted the myth that milk was not “Satvik” anymore.

Some doctors reminisced about earlier days when cows were treated as family members and common beliefs about curds and milk powder. Supriya, a Nutritionist who is also a raw vegan, revealed how she reversed osteoporosis soon after she switched to a WFPB lifestyle. The discussion turned to the nexus between the pharma and medical fraternity enforcing the “pill culture” to boost the sales of their products.“What we require is for the medical fraternity to take a holistic approach towards healing their patients”, Dr Shah emphasized.

Experiencing Remission With WFPD Sustains Lifestyle Change

One could look across the sound-proofed glass panels of the seminar room to see the well-heeled food enthusiasts seated in the core area enjoying the retro music and playing board games. Others were browsing the menu while sipping the chilled brews that the venue is acclaimed for.

Back in the seminar room, Dr Shah energized the audience with her personal experiences of reversing her own ailments over 10 years ago.As a doctor, she was initially skeptical about the power of whole foods and plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle over disease reversal, and was astonished by the results when she went on a 30-day experiment. She spent the following 10 years studying WFPB foods while encouraging her patients to follow the same, and was not surprised when her patients experienced a remission as well.

The New Epidemic–Hiding In Plain Sight

One of the highlights of the talk was when the medic revealed that there is a new epidemic creating mayhem across the world, that she had coined–Affluenza. The disease is caused by the glut of food companies that produce “fast-food”, which are basically chemical substances disguised as food.

The speaker cited credible examples from ‘The China Study’ by T Colin Campbell and other relevant case studies. The talk included a freewheeling interaction between participants, who openly shared their medical outlooks about healthy diets and challenges they have faced with patients relapsing into old habits.Dr Rupa Shah also touched upon the burgeoning nexus of between the protein industry and gyms, influencing their clients to consume high amount of expensive proteins, which had irreversible consequences on the body.

The doctor concluded with the thought that food is a problem, and food is also the solution, stressing that WFPB lifestyle was the future as effective medicine. The session concluded with more interactions and a brief Q&A session.


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Compassion India Magazine

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