What’s Fishy?

Major Reasons To Eliminate Fish

  • 1Risk Of Pollutants
    Eating fish has become a major health hazard. Industrial and municipal wastes and the agricultural chemicals flushed into oceans around the world, which are also habitats of the fish. As a result, the fish absorb the toxins that are polluting the environment.
  • 2Rising Mercury Levels
    Many fish contain high mercury levels. Although medical experts and research have cited many benefits of eating fish, contrary view warn of the rising mercury levels in many varieties of fish that counter the benefits.
  • 3Plateful Of Poison?
    PCBs OR PolyChlorinated Biphenyls are oily, synthetic chemicals that are used for industrial purposes and have been reported to be eventually dumped into the oceans. Consequently, they are found in salmon and many other fish species. PCBs have shown toxic and mutagenic effects by interfering with hormones in the body, affect the nervous system and cause certain types of cancers, among other complications.
  • 4Brain Damage
    Men and women not at a child bearing age, are at reduced risk of fertility and pregnancy. Also, the mercury levels in fish, when consumed are passed down to the unborn child, and may damage the brain of the baby.
  • 5Dangers Of Farmed Fish
    Farm raised fish, therefore are actually pro-inflammatory. Farm raised fish are usually fed grain to fatten them faster, and fed antibiotics. Several global sources state that farmed fish have lower levels of Omerga-3s & 6s, and compounded with the other mentioned factors, can have reverse effects on consumers.
  • 6Benefits Of Fish Oil Are A Myth
    Several studies published in renowned scientific journals have cited no direct benefits of fish oil to the heart. In fact, fish oil has been known to increase the risk of prostate cancer.

*NOTE: Many studies claim that farmed fish contain higher Omega-3 & 6 levels, the fact is contested and there is no clear evidence of the same. Other studies have proved the benefits of fish in a diet. It is recommended that the reader do his own research and make his own conclusions.The Resources section of this site offers a list of books for further research.


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