The Hidden Power Of Plant-Based Foods

Did you know that the cure to your disease can be in your hands? Whole Foods and Plant-Based lifestyle is the hidden juggernaut of holistic health. Here are some actual case studies followed by the key 3-step regime that can bring significant positive changes to your lifestyle.         

 Case Study 1: Amit, a 26-year-old businessman was suffering from acne on his face for the last 6 months. The skin eruptions embarrassed him and he was anxious that he would not be able to make a positive first impression when he met his potential clients. We decided to check his diet and lifestyle as a priority.

Remedy: The acne had appeared suddenly in the last six months, so what had triggered such a reaction? What had changed for Amit in last 6 months? While talking to him, we noted two most important factors: 1. He had irregular eating habits. 2.He was eating at least one meal outside everyday, which was more like fast food, which was far from nutritious ie cheese burger, sandwich or a milkshake. He was advised to stop cheese completely. Eat on time. Eat simple, ethnic food like roti, sabji, daal and chawal. If he was hungry at other times, he could munch on nuts and seeds or any fruit. He followed the advice and within two weeks, he was relieved when his face cleared up. After that, he had to be watchful of what he is eating and make healthier choices. No more dairy cheese for him.

Case Study 2: Radha, a gynachologist, was suffering from migraine headaches and hyperacidity for many years. Her headaches were always followed by severe vomiting and occurred every week. She was a vegetarian and did not eat any spicy food or drink any tea.

Remedy: She was advised her to give up all dairy products for one month and see the difference. Within a month, her migraines ceased and no more acidity. She even comfortably lost two kilos weight. She gave up curd, cheese, ice-cream, ghee and all the sweets made from dairy milk and she is well on her way towards wellness.

Case Study 3: Joseph, a 36-year-old entrepreneur was suffering from type 2 diabetes for 10 years and was prescribed two tablets daily by his doctor. He had a non-vegetarian diet and was exercising regularly. He was frustrated that his blood sugar levels were always high in spite of taking tablets and exercising regularly. We suggested the necessary dietary changes.

By introducing whole food plant-based foods and eliminating non-veg food, it was a big surprise for him when his blood sugar started dropping within a week. And 4 weeks later, we stopped both his medications and continued to monitor his blood sugar for next few months, which was normalizing. His 3-month average HBA1C also came down to 6. This was a few years ago. Today, he has reversed type 2 diabetes completely and continues sustaining his lifestyle and eating habits to ensure that his diabetes does not relapse in the future.

What is WFPB or Whole Food Plant-Based Foods?

India has a rich legacy of knowledge systems like Ayurveda, naturopathy that are based on the medicinal properties of plants. Even modern medicine has acknowledged the attributes of whole foods in hospitals to help patients recuperate better post operation.


Lifestyle diseases are caused by the way a person lives. They are the result of poor or irregular eating & sleeping habits and stress. For example: heart attack, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, hypertension, skin infections, thyroid imbalance, PCOD, poor lipid profile, high cholesterol, and so on. They are also caused by smoking, alcohol and substance abuse.


Whole food plant-based food means choosing to eat foods from plant sources and with minimum processing or no processing at all. This includes fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds. WFPB excludes food sourced from non-vegetarian or animal sources, which includes meat, eggs, fish or dairy products.

Next step to say is ‘Whole’, which is minimum processing of foods. For instance, it is preferable to eat an orange over just orange juice because the latter lacks the fibre and the natural enzymes that are removed during the processing of the juice. All the whole foods are suggested and from plant sources which contain all the best food sources packed with all the natural proteins and nutrients that humans will ever need. When a patient switches to eating WFPB foods, his entire body starts responding positively.

Killer Lifestyle Diseases Triggered By Flashy Junk Food Ads?

It has been reported that globally, 14.2 million people between the ages of 30-69 years die prematurely each year from lifestyle diseases. Some of these diseases have emerged as more fatal than hereditary diseases or infectious ones. The rapid increase in such diseases are triggered in most parts because of incorrect lifestyles. So why not correct the harmful lifestyle habits instead of taking medication?

Today, most of us are influenced by the flashy ads on TV that are sponsored by powerful pharma and food industry to keep consuming harmful symptom-reducing products and eating unhealthy, but tasty foods. These profit-driven industries are leading most of the research data and also education of doctors and masses. For instance, global celebrity chef Jamie Oliver wants the UK government to impose a pre-9pm ban on broadcast advertising for fast-food restaurants and unhealthy snacks, as well as tightening restrictions on their promotion on the streets, public transport and online. These unhealthy trends can be observed world over. Back home in India, over the past 10-years, we have seen a glut of fast-food restaurants mushroom across Tier- 1 cities across India. Moreover, there has been a remarkable spike of companies launching sugar-based breakfast products for children and refined oils, iodized salts and sugars for adults. Just pause for a minute: if all of us just had fruits for breakfast, and focused on eating naturally grown plant-based foods, the companies

As a result, the simple, but potent tenets of healthy living are generally not considered as appealing anymore. It is only when the body throws up warning symptoms, that people will wake up and rush to doctors for a “quick and assured” prescription hoping the issues will disappear and consider themselves “recovered” or “healed”, but continue with their destructive lifestyles.

A Pill Is Not The Answer

Modern medicine has made tremendous progress in many fields such as infectious diseases and emergencies. However there are yet many fields that it only serves to control that it aims for. They often never reverse the disease because it does not address the very cause of the disease.

The 3-Step Regime

Therefore, the changes in the lifestyle are at three levels: (1) WFPB Diet (2) Exercise and (3) Management of stress. When this has been implemented in daily lives consistently, the body’s suppressed natural healing abilities re-awakens and reverses the disease naturally.

One can also further guide a patient to continue to follow a healthy lifestyle as a prevention of all the lifestyle related diseases.

All lifestyle diseases are reversible diseases have the potential to debilitate us as it’s a form of slow death. But if corrected on time, they can be reversed. Most people do not realize that one need not suffer or take the medication for life. A three-step change can dramatically change the course of these diseases. Also, a lot of research around the worlds has been done that have proved that plant-based foods can help reverse and manage a host of diseases.


Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India is India’s official first ever vegan print publication. It aims is to bring the vegan community closer and create awareness about the ethical and health advantages of following this lifestyle. The magazine was launched on 1t November 2019, which was World Vegan Day.

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