Playing It Raw

The raw food show-stopper showcasing tasty, dairy-free and fat-free recipes, and a lot more.

The healthy kitchen workshop held at a SoBo district on 22 June 2019 was more than just about cooking healthy foods. Hosted by Dr Rupa Shah, it was a demo of delicious and raw recipes that are easy to recreate at home with no cooking or baking required. The lead raw food expert who anchored the workshop was Meena Shah of NDS fame followed by Mayavi Khandelwal, Founder, My Pure Path, both stalwarts in the community.

More Than Just A Workshop

The workshop was more than just an understanding of how to prepare raw foods. It was also a glimpse into what this lifestyle is all about. With a packed audience of women who were surprised by the range of possibilities that raw food offers, they were left astonished and curious.

 What started off as a simple demo, with limited equipment, just a mike and no projector, the team propped the laptop on a chair over the table for better viewing, and the improvisation worked.

The workshop was like a training ground for raw food learning. The audience was taught recipes, shown demos of raw combinations and variations of many dishes and desserts, accompanied by learning and consuming the benefits and what they can do at home. The event demonstrated how to incorporate more plant-based ingredients into the diet and was designed to leave the audience inspired to begin their dairy- and oil-free journey at the earliest.

Power Of Plant-Based & Raw

Meena and Dr Rupa Shah emphasized in the power of food to heal and nourish not only themselves, but their families as well. The workshop was about using minimally processed seasonal ingredients, treat them with respect by creating and teaching recipes which are easy to prepare, have minimal cost and take minimal time.

Mayavi Khandelval, shared her experience of reversing her diabetes, blood pressure and other health issues within a month of switching to a plant-based diet. She went on to insights of cooking and the health benefits of being plant-forward.

The session broke with a dairy, sugar-, gluten- & oil-free feast on the table that includes, chickoo milkshake, mix-veg yogurt, buttermilk, cheesy dips with jawar (sorghum) crackers and chocolate balls.

Whether you want to open a café or restaurant, expand your chef skills and add raw food items to your existing menu or just to prepare healthy meals at home for your family and friends, Healthy Kitchen Workshops can be organized for free at any area in Mumbai to an audience of minimum 100+ members. Contact


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Compassion India Magazine

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