Empathy starts with what’s on your plate


Food is energy. What we eat is literally what we are made up of. Food is fuel for the body akin to thoughts which are fuel for the mind. It is thus imperative that we take utmost care of the things we consume. Our bodies have adapted for over hundreds of years to get us to where we are today. We have enough research to show us a clear path to making sensible and healthy food choices, which are easy on both our digestive systems as well as our planet.

Veganism/plant-based diet is not just a passing fad. It is our only hope to saving ourselves and our planet. Ruthless animal farming has led to severe climatic changes which are pointing towards an impending catastrophe. The price we all pay for the meat we eat is not in rupees but through deforestation, increased greenhouse gas emissions and disruption of marine ecosystems. The severity of which is denied by our collective greed.

The only reason we consume animal products is because we believe it is good for our health and we enjoy it. The truth in fact is that they do more harm than good. Our health requirements are just a part of the story. The painful truth begins with the cruelty animals have to endure till they end up as food on our plates. It’s about how animals are commoditized, abused, killed and bred only because we like the taste or like using their products such as leather, silk and so on. It is time we stop! It is time we recognize all living beings as equal, stop cruelty, build empathy and move towards a greener world with equal rights for all. Sounds far-fetched? Well, it’s not.

All it would take is a firm resolve to give up animal products, to take animal activism to schools and colleges where young minds are nurtured so as to build a happier and a more inclusive world not just for one species but all.




Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India is India’s official first ever vegan print publication. It aims is to bring the vegan community closer and create awareness about the ethical and health advantages of following this lifestyle. The magazine was launched on 1t November 2019, which was World Vegan Day.

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