How I Lost 8kg And Reversed Diabetes

Septuagenarian, Dayanand Kamath cut out dairy and animal products from his diet and took up walking to radically transform his life.     


Can you talk about your lifestyle so far? What was the turning point in your life?

I am 72 years old now and until 70 years of my life, I was eating all types of foods. Whenever I felt hungry, I would have slices of bread or eggs. And, I would eat the same thing every single day. In February 2018, I experienced uneasiness in my chest, following which, my doctor immediately asked me to visit a cardiologist. After all the tests were conducted, the results revealed that there were blockages in my heart. With my quest to not just survive, but to live a healthy and disease-free life, I came across a vegan doctor who inspired me to adopt a plant-based diet. It was the beginning, in a nutshell.

Before Versus After

Blood Sugar Levels

Before: Fasting 223 | After Fasting: 345

After Diet Plan:

Before: Fasting 99 | After Fasting: NA

Blood Pressure

Before: 150/100 | After: 130/85

 High sensitive Troponin T

Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction

Before: 310.96 | After: 13.75

 You suffered from heart ailments and diabetes until last year. How has your health improved today?

Yes, I had 300 fasting sugar. However, today I am at 115. My diet has helped me overcome diabetes and blood pressure concerns to a great extent. I had diabetes for almost 4 years, but after altering my food habits, I started overcoming these concerns. Almost two years ago, when I was operated, I consulted various doctors, but unfortunately it never worked out. Eventually, I met Dr Rupa Shah who encouraged me to adopt a plant-based diet and would even monitor my sugar levels. After a month or so, she asked me to stop my medication and turn vegan. In just about a month, I miraculously left my medicines for diabetes, too.

Today, I am very happy and feel fortunate that I took such healthy steps and made such practical changes. Now I keep my cool and always feel happy, enthusiastic and healthy.

How has your health changed after following a plant-based diet?

I have strictly followed a plant-based diet under the supervision of my doctor. My diet contains no animal and dairy products, not even deep fried food items. As a result of which, in a span of 3 months, I lost 8kg by regular walking of 5-6km. Plus, my waist reduced by 4 inches. I used to have a big tummy, but after the strict plant-based diet, it has only been better. I excluded all dairy products from my diet, and I have experienced some amazing results.

Previously, I had blood pressure and diabetes, which was fasting up to 250. And now I have 150 into 20 fasting blood, and my pressure is also very much on the lower side, which is 130-85. So yes, now I feel a lot better and healthier. Definitely, it’s the diet that has improved my health. Not just that, it has also given me a hope to run my life at such an old age.

People on this diet tend to become more peaceful and compassionate towards others and more attuned to their health, the environment and the planet as well.

Was it difficult for you to incorporate the lifestyle and food changes?

My wife is actually a good cook–she is very innovative with the vegetables, so the food on the table is always interesting and delicious. I feel good about not using any animal products. Like earlier, I used to be a hardcore non-vegetarian and now everything has stopped. It was not at all difficult to eliminate animal-based foods. But it has been my happiest decision, which not only made me healthier, but also a lot more compassionate.

Have you encountered any difficulties, or do you struggle with food cravings?

No, not at all. All these years, I used to regularly consume at least 8 cups of tea (with sugar) in a day. After adopting a vegan lifestyle, I completely stopped consuming it along with eliminating many other animal-based foods like paneer, cheese, ice-creams and even honey.

What is your message to others who want to turn vegan? Do you think this lifestyle is crucial?

Yes, one thing is for sure–after I turned vegan, I started studying the metabolism of people with this type of diet. I realized that a plant-based diet only helps you feel better and become healthier. Literally, everything improves. People on this diet tend to become more peaceful and compassionate towards others and more attuned to their health, the environment and the planet as well. I believe that it’s very necessary to turn vegan and be healthy, fit and peaceful in life.

What kind of transformations did you experience after you made changes in your food and lifestyle? Did you experience any spiritual growth?

Yes, definitely. I have started sleeping better. Earlier, I would experience anxiety, especially during the nights. After becoming a vegan, I have a more relaxed demeanor and more at peace.

Eating healthier food also changed my outlook for the better. I started to think very rationally toward all my stress-related factors. In fact, I have started treating those discomforts as a challenge. Previously, I used to be very hyper and angry most of the times, but these days I am very relaxed and at ease with everything around me.

Will you stay vegan for the rest of your life?

Yes, because this is required of any human being. I believe that in the past I have been ignorant of the plight of the innocent dairy animals and their plight, particularly by consuming dairy and non-vegetarian food. Now, I am playing my part to contribute to a better world by being vegan and saving those innocent animals from getting murdered in an extremely brutal way. Ethical and animal-free food is the way to life, as you realize that you are also becoming considerate toward the climate change.

Any message that you would like to give to our society?

On a plant-based diet, your body begins to heal internally. All I can say is that a vegan diet is a way to good health. Do your own research and adopt a plant-based diet or whole and plant-based foods for a month, and experience the positive results for yourself.


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Compassion India Magazine

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