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Here are a group of raw food specialists who follow a revolutionary system of disease reversal at no cost. Their vision is for every household to live a cruelty-free life and be disease-free in the process. We speak to one of the NDS speakers and organizers, Pradeep Shah who shares his personal journey towards health.  

How did you to become raw vegan?

I was vegan perhaps 6 years before I started following New Diet System. However, at the time, I was not familiar with the term ‘vegan’, but followed the same principles. I believed that animals are not meant to provide milk or other products. I also believed that we cannot keep animals locked up just for farming purposes. It’s only years later, that I learnt about the aspects of cruelty meted out towards animals.

Since childhood, I was suffering from various Issues, like cold, cough, constipation, headache, premature hairfall, back pain, body pain, shoulder pain, low energy and so on. Subsequently, I was diagnosed for acute hypertension. Then what followed was diabetes, cholesterol and obesity. I was concerned about my health and was constantly trying to find solutions. I tried everything possible looking to solutions in the public domain– allopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupressure, acupuncture. I also tried various therapies like yoga, pranayama and reiki and all other diet programmes like drinking only water in the mornings and so on. I was also walking and doing exercises at the time. I even tried Vipasana meditation and Brahma Kumar’s meditation to help me get relief or healing to whatever extent possible. And Although I did experience some benefits, there was no healing. My medicine list was steadily increasing.

I always believed that nature has designed us not to be diseased. I was strongly driven to be disease-free. Also, I strongly aspired to die happy, and that I should enjoy the last moments of my life.

As I continued my search, I attended a seminar with my wife titled, ‘The World Without Medicine’, by late Premchand Kapadia (popularly known as Prem Uncle). The talk convinced me that raw food can reverse diseases and that this way perhaps the way to heal all my health problems. And both of us decided to adopt this system. I had so much confidence on this technique that I dropped all my medicines overnight. And as I anticipated, all my diseases were healed. My weight reduced and the results were miraculous. I felt rejuvenated and my energy levels were higher than ever. The methodology in this system is in sync with nature, and only nature can keep us healthy.

How did BV Chauhan influence and inspire you to follow Natural/ New Diet System?

After I attended the seminar, I was convinced that this was the way to healing myself. I went on to purchase many books about the method and followed it. As my health started improving, my confidence in NDS started increasing. I read the NDS books and put it into practice, and the results were miraculous. Up to this point, I had still not met Shri BV Chauhan, but the literature that I had, was more than sufficient for me to start my journey.

And yes, if you actually meet BV Chauhan, the benefits of his talks and meeting are exponentially better.

How would you portray Shri BV Chauhan as a guru?

Respected BV Chauhan, Founder of NDS,  is a very grounded person, and regards all people as equal. He is selflessly sharing knowledge and offers guidance without expecting anything in return, even appreciation or praise. According to him, “Purify your body. The purification of the mind then becomes very simple. And connecting with the Almighty and nature is also simple.” He strongly believes that health is the path to the ultimate bliss. Diet is just the beginning, the rest. Progressively, your thinking, personality, acts and deeds also change.

I attribute BV Chauhan, for the transformation in my life. He has shown us such an easy way to follow a natural diet. In fact, to become diseased is very difficult, once you follow this form of lifestyle. Even NK Sharma has influenced me to a great extent.

What were the challenges that you faced while following the raw diet?

Luckily, I had the support of my wife, Meena Shah. She was the pillar for support for me, which made things very simple for me. And she enthusiastically worked with me and curated many raw dishes. Thus, her support and my determination played a major role in my favour. Initially, there were apprehensions & doubts about the long-term implications of the raw lifestyle. However, the results spoke for themselves, along with my resolute attitude. I faced a degree of scepticism as well, from people who thought I looked weak, following my weight loss. However, when I no longer required any allopathic medicines as I had healed through the NDS raw diet, the results did speak for themselves and quelled the doubts of even the sceptics.

Moreover, I did experience cravings for cooked food, which I could overcome because of my strong determination. Initially, 90-95% was a natural diet and in sync with the laws of nature. Just 5 % of my food consisted of cooked (vegan) food.

What type of events do you organize?

On my birthday 3 years ago, we hosted an event. We invited a large number of friends and relatives. We presented naturally cooked food (fireless kitchen). The event was supported by my yoga teachers Deepakbhai, Namrata ben and Rajubhai Sarvaiya. Soon, my wife and I were inspired to share the benefits of raw food or NDS method of disease reversal to others as well, so that the society may benefit as well. Following our idea, we went on to organize a number of small programmes, initially with a few neighbours in my house and eventually we expanded to bigger venues.

And witnessing participants coming out of their miseries was our biggest rewards. Today, we continue organizing the same programmes. It’s almost been 22 months. Presently, I am on 100% naturally cooked food and I have a fireless kitchen. My food comprises fruits, vegetables, nuts; no grains, pulses, cereals and so on. This is the diet that nature has designed for us. Subsequent to that, I do a lot of experience-sharing.

Celebrated Son’s Marriage With A Fireless Kitchen

We celebrated my son’s vegan marriage ceremony; we made 32-35 raw food items in a fireless kitchen to show people that such a variety was possible. People are addicted to cooked it, and after knowing it, people still take time to give up cooked food. After experiencing miseries of medicine and medical world, people are realising the value of sun-cooked foods. Some investments pay after a few years, and for some people the results are instantaneous.

You have been speaking to Jain leaders and spiritual leaders. Can you elaborate?

Presently, I am interacting with a lot of saints and priests. I study the scriptures and interpret them, before meeting with the spiritual leaders. I then initiate dialogue with them and argue on specific points where their practises do not align with what is written in the scriptures.

I am skeptical about most of the doctors out there today, and also the so-called saints as well. I am trying to convince them to follow the diet system. I am positive that there will be a revolution in people’s perception. In the religious field as well, there is a stagnancy in the system, a lot of resistance is there. But slowly, they will adopt the system and the real meaning of why they (ascetics & saints) have given up their social life and family life will really begin to mean something once they adopt this diet system. Only then will they become a truly religious and be able to attain moksha or nirvana. Their present diet system does not enable them to be experience such high spiritual levels. To me, a religious person must first experience healthy energy, that is followed by happiness, and bliss. If you are missing health, you are not on the path of right religion.

What is the NDS mission?

I am integrating mankind, through NDS, to sit on one common platform to adopt a lifestyle that is in sync with Mother Nature. No religious or caste blocks. It is true integration and I feel that if we follow this diet system, we will experience “heaven on Earth”.

Regardless of your economic position, the onset of a disease creates havoc to your system, and you are helpless. It’s high time there is a revolution in our lifestyles. There is a lot of reluctance and stagnancy in the (social) system. My purpose for more to change the diet system, as that’s the only way to experience moksha or a higher level of consciousness. If you are missing health, you are not on the path to right religion.

What are the challenges that you are facing?

Over a period of years, I have observed that most people are addicted to cooked food. And even after provided information about the advantages of raw food, they are unable to give up eating cooked food everyday. It’s just a matter of time, even after 1-3 years, one has to come back to nature’s diet. My time talking to people is time invested in promoting health; sometimes the results are immediate, and sometimes it takes more time for the results to manifest. The talks definitely have an impact on people, especially non-veg eaters who have false notions that there is health in meat are considering giving up meat. I have to put in lots of efforts while speaking to saints and reinterpret the original scriptures to convince them.

Presently, NDS is attempting to integrate people–irrespective of caste, region and beliefs, lifestyle and culture–we still on one common platform and adopt a lifestyle that is in-sync with nature. Follow the system and one can experience a complete transformation in health.

Please elaborate on the non-charge policy of NDS.

We are investing in a noble cause. Regardless of your financial status, with the onset of a disease, your health goes haywire, and one loses peace of mind and suffers many sleepless nights. We want to reach out to maximum people across India and the world. Thus we don’t charge for our workshops. We just levy a token charge so people are serious about attending the programmes. The token charge helps us organize the expected number of people who will come, so resources and food being organized is not wasted. We later refund the money at request. Alternatively, we have a donation box and we accept contribution which will help us organize more such events across India.

Our aim is that the programmes should continue and spread so we can reach out to more people. NDS is the easiest way to live a healthy life and to boost your fitness levels. Once we are fit, our thoughts will change and when that happens, our outlook and temperament also changes and we can experience unconditional happiness and bliss.

NDS constitutes 3 parts: Taap, Seva, Simrin. By taap we purify our bodies, by seva (selfless service) we purify our thoughts and dissolve our egos. and by simrin (devotion to almighty or creator), we get all connections to the almighty and experience everlasting bliss, happiness till the last moment of this physical life. It is a very simple and easy journey.  So all 3 part have to be practiced.

The first part is important, and after attempting the first part, the following 2 parts are automatically induced. And once you start practicing these principles, your journey towards enlightment begins. So the NDS mission is to enable people towards ‘Atmna-bhooti’ and ‘Atma-gyaan’–health happiness and bliss and to experience it unconditionally.

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