10 Reasons to be an Exhibitor at Global Vegan Business Expo 2020

Join India’s first virtual vegan event dedicated to connecting plant-based brands with retailers, food service professionals and consumers on one platform. The buzz around plant-based foods and products is undeniable and there are a growing number of innovative new ethical brands in the marketplace. As a professional, chef, coach or consultant, you have plenty of reasons to participate in the Global Vegan Business Expo 2020 (GVBE 2020).

Here are 10 reasons about why you’d want to participate in India’s first virtual vegan expo.

Why you should be an exhibitor at Global Vegan Business Expo 2020

  1. Rising Demand

There has been a sharp rise in demand for plant-based products and sustainable solutions since the onset of COVID-19 across the world. This is the right time to bring vegan companies and brands together to receive more visibility in the mainstream markets.

  1. Sustainable Lifestyle

Experts have established that one of the most important trends worldwide is sustainability. And adopting the vegan lifestyle is the most sustainable approach towards the same.

  1. Need Of The Hour

The GVBE 2020 is a timely response to the current global crisis. The event will feature business experts who will address the challenges faced by the business communities and throw light on the way forward.

  1. Target Groups

You meet your target group of potential customers, clients and collaborators on one platform across 3 days.

  1. Networking

Exhibitors will connect and interact with trade visitors like restaurant professionals and retailers. They are coming as Global Vegan business Expo 2020 is a dedicated and effective sourcing platform.

  1. Direct Marketing Tool

Expos are the most personal and direct marketing tool and knowledge sharing platform about veganism.


  1. Competitive Fee & Value-For-Money Proposition

Exhibitor’s fee for GVBE 2020 is much lower than parallel events of the same profile in the past. What’s more, exhibitors will be able to access data and recordings of the proceedings up to 60 days after the event has concluded. This magnifies the value that exhibitors will receive during the GVBE 2020 by tenfold.

  1. Powerful Platform

Exhibitors can not only promote their products, but can also offer great festive discounts. This way, participants can avail of the offers while sitting at home.

  1. Marketing Campaign

Following a series of successful festivals in the past, the GVBE 2020 has been curated to align with the rapidly changing pace of the economy amidst the crisis. We know how to market the event and can assure visitors during and after the event to more than 8.000.

  1. Level Playing field

There is a need for plant-based businesses to compete on a level playing field in the marketplace with mainstream companies. Vegan companies and brands can nurture the ability to beat other companies on taste, nutrition, and community stewardship. Finally, ethical and clean businesses require events to help them lay the groundwork for lasting change. The Global Vegan Business Expo 2020 aims to do just that.

Give your company a competitive edge and sign up to exhibit at Global Vegan Business Expo 2020 today.

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Telegram Expo News Group: https://t.me/GVBExpo2020News       

Telegram Compassion India magazine Channel: https://t.me/compassionmagazine


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