Vegan Anda Now Hatching Across Mumbai

The mock egg has been developed by Delhi-based startup with IIT, New Delhi is now available in Mumbai. The company is amongst the first batch of startups geared to develop the egg replacer market in India.

An egg alternative–developed by New Delhi based company, Four Pursuits, has scrambled its way to the city last month. The product is made from moong dal and chickpeas and contains more protein per gram than a real egg and is cholesterol free. The product has been developed by Four Pursuits Ventures, in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, in 2019.

Vegan Anda (also named Vegan Bhurji) is hatching across grocery stores and restaurants and is fast finding its way on people’s plates across the city. The vegan eggs are nutritionally superior to chicken eggs—they each pack a similar amount of calories and protein and exclude the ills of the hormones and the cruelty that comes with it. The product can ensure that your family gets quality vegetarian protein in their diet, without any cholesterol and 1/5 times the fats compared to a conventional egg.

Rahul Dewan, Director of Four Pursuits Ventures had stated in Indian Express at the launch in 2019, “Meat production through animal slaughter is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse emission. This product would not only be a tastier, healthier alternative for non-vegetarian dishes, but also save the environment.”

 Rising demand Beyond Mock Meats

With this venture, Four Pursuits is closely followed by Mumbai-based startup EVO Foods that was also in the news recently when it announced its egg replacer sourced from legumes. With a rising demand for sustainable foods, plant-based alternatives of traditionally animal-based products have been popping up in supermarket shelves and restaurant menus, and mock eggs are now following suit.

Vegan Anda was launched in the capital via PlantMade website. It has finally in Mumbai, and is distributed by thevegantakeaway, and e-comm project that focuses on vegan products only.

How A Vegan Accidently Boosted Mumbai Distribution

Mumbai Distributor, Mitali Kamat, a professional, said that she has just launched her vegan distribution project ‘The Vegan Takeaway’, with the Vegan Anda. “My nephew, Nimish Kotwal (who is an Art Director), inspired me to become a distributor of the vegan product. Initially, he was a non-vegetarian and he turned vegan overnight. He has a craving for vegan products which retain feel and taste of non-veg products. So I started researching about some mock meats and that’s when I came across Vegan Anda. And as an electrical engineer and MBA myself, when I found out that it was developed by IIT Delhi, and that they did not have a distribution network in Mumbai. So I asked them to send me samples which I distributed to a few known people and the response was very encouraging. My nephew said its very close in taste to an egg. In fact, his father who also tried it could not tell the difference. So I was encouraged to start distributing it. I will be distributing only vegan products.”

 According to a recent report by blogger Sudhriti Mukhopadhyay in Bioinourlife, “PlantBased customers include vegetarian, vegans, athletes, flexitarians who want to supplement their diet with a good quality plant-based protein as well as people suffering from nut, soy and gluten allergy. Also health conscious individuals who are aware of the ills associated with poultry and want a better alternative to eggs as a source of protein are showing great interest in their products.”

Vegan Anda (Vegan Bhurji) Brief

  • It has less than 1/5th the fat present in a conventional egg.
  • Great for people with lactose, soy, gluten, and nut allergies.
  • No Artificial preservatives or sugars.
  • Recommended for use in scramble, bhurji, French toast, fried rice, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, for a Keto diet or any other diet.
  • It is a Vegan, Jain and Kosher product.
  • The shelf life is 13 days in the refrigerator and 4 months in the freezer.
  • Rs 350 for 450ml


The Vegan Takeaway

WhatsApp: +91-9322237303






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