Philanthropist Offers Financial Assistance For Plant-Based Businesses

Mumbai-based philanthropist and Co-Founder of Ahimsa Parmo Dharma (APD) Group, Saroj Choudhury is offering financial assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their plant-based businesses. She is being supported by Atul Doshi who is a CA and also Co-Founder of the APD group.

About Saroj Choudhury

Saroj Choudhury is one of the earliest advocates of vegan and wfpd (whole foods and plant-based diet) lifestyle in Mumbai. After a few months of going on this diet, she observed a feeling of compassion pouring from her towards all species in the world. She continues to be a strong supporter of wfpd and vegan lifestyle and has spoken at various seminars across the city. She has the vision of inspiring more people to come together and make wiser and more compassionate lifestyle choices. She is part of the group that organized vegan festivals like Ahimsa Festival in Mumbai. The effort however, is independent of APD group activities and she is the sole benefactor offering finance to vegan entrepreneurs.

Terms Of Application

The loan has been capped to Rs 2 lakhs for now and the interest is at a nominal 3 per cent for a moratorium of 6 months. The loan will be bestowed by cheque only. After that, the recipient is expected to repay the loan on a 24-month EMI basis.

Atul Doshi stated, “A nominal interest should be charged so that people who genuinely need fund will take it. We will give the load to acquire some machinery, equipment, pay deposit for an office and so on–to help them sustain and flourish”.

How To Apply

To apply for the loan, one has to complete some basic formalities for eligibility: (1) Personal Details (2) Business Plan Proposal as per the form provided below.

DOWNLOAD: Loan Application Form For Plant-Based Business

Inquires & Whatsapp: Atul Doshi: +91-98211 27475


Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India is India’s official first ever vegan print publication. It aims is to bring the vegan community closer and create awareness about the ethical and health advantages of following this lifestyle. The magazine was launched on 1t November 2019, which was World Vegan Day.

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