“Nutritious plant-based food supported by a healthy & supportive mindset, bolstered with exercise is ultimate health!” Kimbo Rose Sorabella, Vegan Boxer & Musician

As a Vegan Boxing Coach, I find myself being drawn to the ability to inspire others and create transformation in everybody. Especially women and younger girls. I want to show them that we are strong, resilient, and capable. To fight for their health and create a positive space to express themselves. Not limited to our trans community and non-binary and many who don’t regard gender and/or anything that resembles it. I am vegan for the animals, the planet we share, and as a nutrition coach and specialist, for our bodies our minds and, our spirit.

My name is Kimbo Rose Sorabella I was born in Oregon, but I grew up in South San Francisco. I have always had a love of animals but didn’t recognize veganism until I started my first punk band at 14 years old. I didn’t become vegan until I was 18. I reside in Watertown Massachusetts currently with my 13-month-old daughter Sadie, as well as my husband, Brad. I have been touring the country for 20 years and have had the opportunity to tour Hawaii, Thailand and, Alaska with my band Absinthe Rose. I have always felt connected to inspiring people to create critical change with music and lyrical content that was not only to stimulate the mind but also for the freedom it offers. My opinion is that politics is personal and everything personal is political. To look within to find the guidance and appreciation that is needed to overcome all obstacles is not just the food you eat, it’s the company you keep the way and the way you treat yourself–the ability to make space to cultivate who you are as a person and to dive in and dive deep into who you want to be, and what your purpose here on Earth is.

At a very young age, and I understood that my purpose here on Earth was to serve others in a way that allowed for transformation. I have spent my whole life completely dedicated to cultivating change in people so they may resonate with their authentic selves. My journey to become a nutrition coach and specialist and own my own business–Whole Rose Nutrition is 20 years in the making. When I was on tour I was very strict with the food I ate, what I drank and how much I slept.

The reason being, I spent so much time and energy creating songs that felt like I was healing something inside me and every time I wrote a record that was authentic and, real, and caused me an overwhelming vulnerability, I became more of my authentic self.

When I was on tour, I treated myself to organic food and wheatgrass shots when I can find them–if we had a seven-hour drive I would find the best food possible I was very aware that my performance on stage was determined by the 23 hours I was not on stage. To go further into where my determination and passion for nutrition came from, I would start here. When you’re on the road and you do not feel well and you get sick and you might have the chills and a headache and let’s also consider your mindset when you feel insecure, agitated, have mood swings, you have an aura and energy that is carried with you because of this knowledge, I eat not only for my body to perform at the best of the ability but for my mind to allow myself to feel confident for every word I wrote on the page before the tour began. Simply, it’s my theory of nutrition. Nutritious plant-based food supported by a healthy and supportive mindset bolstered with exercise is ultimate health!

One of my greatest joys is being a vegan boxing coach. And one of the biggest arguments is that vegans are weak because we don’t consume the flesh of animals; that our bodies are not receiving proper nutrients to allow ourselves to be strong or to build muscle. At the end of the day that is just misplaced knowledge and without proper education, it’s no wonder we believe that. When I was growing up in the ’90s, ‘Got Milk’ and other meat industry propaganda was so big to feel strong and it was backed by celebrities to tell us, young kids, that to be a success to jump higher to run faster we would have to consume the flesh of animals and drink their milk.

When I was 18 years, my life changed, and as I step into my 38th birthday, it will be 20 years since I committed myself to a vegan lifestyle. When I grew up I was surrounded by strong women and activists. I was able to gain knowledge of how the world viewed the meat and dairy industry. I got my hands on pamphlets and literature and committed to change. That knowledge allowed me to go within the boundaries of my mind and body and determine how I wanted to live my life. With that being said, I had the opportunity to not only engage in a community of veganism I also have the ability to be at the forefront of a platform of compassionate souls that saw a world, unlike anything I’ve seen.

Being a boxing coach is a lot of work. It’s a lot of critique, footwork, and drilling in the basics. The fundamentals of boxing are not only the fight that you have in the ring but also the fight you have outside (of the gym). Regardless if you are a meat-eater or not you will struggle with day-to-day anxieties, perhaps depression, mood swings, and it will affect your hormones and nervous system that can’t be healed with food.

My story about becoming a vegan boxing coach starts with me becoming vegan. When I was 18 years old and I learned about factory farming I realized that I could not consume the flesh of animals that were being tortured for consumption, nor could I support the industries of meat and dairy that had no compassion for the planet, let alone the animals that resided in it, and at the end of the day, the corporations don’t care about you as a human, your health or prevention of disease. With advertisements, they poisoning you to do the same and all of it is for-profit and if you cannot see that, I urge you to get past the animals to get past even the planet you live on and look at these companies and how they are treating you–just like cattle heading to the slaughter.

Being strong is something I value. Being a mom is something I thrive and being a woman in a boxing community is something I appreciate. The members of our gym are not only some of the kindest most determined people, but they are also so goal-oriented that it is inspiring to walk into our gym every single day, wrap up, glove up, and hit the bags!

Boxing is a cognitive sport that allows you to fortitude your mind, assess your mental clarity and, allows you to be present in moments when you are clouded and unclear. In my profession, I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to information that is needed to balance your meals and get nutrient-dense foods that will fortify you throughout the day to gear you for your training session. Training is not just one hour a day–it is the time you go to bed the time you wake up what you eat what you drink and how you talk to yourself. The struggles I have come from within. After I gave birth in April during a worldwide pandemic I had anxiety and I didn’t feel strong even though giving birth was the most powerful experience of my life. Healing took a very long time and within those moments that became months and almost up to a year, I developed a very special relationship with the food I ate and with myself–because of the strength it took to bring a life into this world I knew that I could also transform my body and mind into an even stronger mother.

What can I say… I love boxing; I love that I met my husband at STC Boxing and began to understand the importance of a healthy relationship and how I could reach unknown potential having someone who had my back! I just imagine how many months and years an athlete trains, just like how many months and years an artist will develop a record. I urge you to consider the food you eat and how it can offer you more compassion in your life, more energy in your work and, give the future a chance to rebuild.

I may never be a champion, but I can honestly say that I train like a professional boxer. I’ve had coaches deliver workouts that were so unique and challenging I would leave our gym with such confidence I can barely describe at this moment. The trick to me is allowing yourself the food that is needed to honor your body to perform. Vegan food helps you to ignite energy, replenish your body and build muscle! When you let your hands go, and your mind opens up to a space of authenticity.

Like I said, before becoming vegan had many levels to it. I turned vegan on my 18th birthday on 28 May, 19 years ago. I was unaware of where the food was coming from and how my knowledge could change the outlook for the animals. As a health professional, it’s also for the humans I love. Veganism not only allows your body to have more oxygen in your arteries, to have more flow of blood it allows you to balance your hormones, which gives you more energy, more confidence, less brain fog, fewer mood swings, heals your gut, fights inflammatory response. Every day you managed to create a nutrient-dense meal that doesn’t have animal products your body is getting stronger you’re eating cleaner and then becoming more authentic!

I believe the future is vegan I believe the past was vegan. I believe as a society we are conditioned to not recognize corporations and the amount of money they can spend on brainwashing us (myself included) that the only way to gain strength and become an athlete is through meat and dairy. I’m not quite sure how somebody who learns about the slaughter of animals and the neglect of proper regulations on meat can consume it. Here is the truth. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, unable to move Weight in your body, change your body composition, lose stubborn weight, if you are suffering from mood swings, not sleeping, brain fog, inflammation and, bloating, if you are feeling tired all the time I urge you to consider going vegan for 2 weeks. I also urge you to talk to a professional to design a meal plan that will allow the four pillars of health which would include fiber, healthy fats, carbs, and protein! With proper education and knowledge, you have the ability to make your own decisions and treat your body with love and compassion while also being a voice for animals that are not here for us to consume! We are far too strong of a community to back down!



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Compassion India Magazine

Compassion India is India’s official first ever vegan print publication. It aims is to bring the vegan community closer and create awareness about the ethical and health advantages of following this lifestyle. The magazine was launched on 1t November 2019, which was World Vegan Day.

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