Vegan IT Security Consultant Releases Book Titled “I Am Not A Doctor”

Peter Theobald, an IT security consultant, has penned a Book Titled “I Am Not A Doctor” that sums up his journey and observations about his own health through 2 decades. And even though Peter is not a doctor, the 25 years of experiments and practice with his family, has given him deep insight on what is good health, and how best it can be attained. He shares his learnings and experiences in this book.


How The Book Was Born

In 1996, Peter Theobald was 30 years old and weighing 100 kg. His wedding was coming up, and he was desperate to lose weight. He tried dieting, exercise, nothing worked. Until he came across a system called Natural Hygiene, that transformed his life. He lost 30 kg in two years and greatly improved his health.

Peter said, “I delved deeper into the subject, read voraciously, attended conferences, traveled to meet the experts, and understood that Natural Hygiene is not just a system for Weight Loss but for Health Gain and health maintenance throughout life.  Freedom from disease is the goal.”

Book Summary

The book starts with expounding the principles of natural living. These ‘21 Principles’, beginning with the principle of reverence and gratitude to the body and ending with embracing all creation with love, form the underlying bedrock of the rest of the book. The principles are followed by the ‘5 Maxims’ of good health. These are basically the application of the principles of natural living to the realm of health.

The Book of Don’ts comes up next. Here, Peter addresses all the things that we are unknowingly doing, daily, that are adversely affecting our health. Animal Products, Dairy Products, Refined foods, Oils and Sugars, Processed foods–the harmful effects of all of these are covered. The book also addresses common concerns–what about protein and calcium, and whether the reader will become deficient in these nutrients if he or she follows this system.

This is followed by the ‘Book of Dos’. Fruits and Vegetables, enough water, sunshine, sleep, and exercise are the basic needs of life that pay us far greater dividends than what they cost us. The book explains why all of these are so important for good health and how we can get the most out of them.

The next part of the book covers ‘LifeStyle Diseases’–Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes. These are the biggest killers in the modern-day world, and unfortunately, conventional medical science has no permanent solutions to these problems. But all is not lost. There are natural options (supported by science), by which these diseases can be prevented–and even reversed. The book helps you understand what really causes these diseases and how they can be overcome.

The book basically advocates a lifestyle change. Naturally, the reader will face a lot of challenges, especially in the social context.  All of these are addressed.  A new way of cooking and a fresh look at the diet is also called for. It need not be boring, restricted to salads and boiled vegetables. The vast range of available options is presented here.

Restoring Good Health

The book ends with recommendations on anti-cancer measures, longevity, and the role that fasting and Ayurveda can play in restoring you to good health. References of books, websites, and films that will take you further on the path are also provided.

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The book is available on

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