Simplify Life to Enable Abundance with Koshaa’s Celebration Retreats

Imagine an open network of like-minded individuals running an organisation whose aim is to unlock everyone’s best potential in every aspect of their life. There’s no one individual running it or making decisions, everything that happens only occurs when people decide its time has come. The people contributing come and go, many come and stay and they support as they wish, whether it is with physical tasks, financial support, or human resources.They have no fixed hierarchical structure and no fixed salaries. Everyone decides how they can add value and what and how much they need for it and in this way each individual is responsible for their contribution to the project undertaken.

This is Koshaa, but this is only how they operate.

Their raison d’etre has evolved over time and continues to evolve with the network and each person in it. Koshaa still follows a clear vision: to spread the idea of joyful living and peace based on the idea of decentralization of concepts of knowledge, wealth and resources. 

Founder Deepak Ashwani realised that when he simplified his life and reconnected with nature, he received gifts he never imagined possible and found himself able to become the best version of himself. He started Koshaa to share his learnings and has let it grow organically ever since.

Your best potential is unleashed only when you simplify life by decluttering everything that is holding you back.~ Deepak Ashwani

Koshaa’s Initiatives – Connecting and Evolving

Koshaa takes inspiration for its programs from observing and mimicking the ways of nature. This has inspired all of Koshaa’s programs.

Koshaa’s first endeavour, started in 2019, was to teach the concept of growing Edible ForestsWith the food systems highly flawed, Koshaa’s dialogues make people aware about how to use the space they have to grow food forests for themselves organically. Koshaa thereby started its journey of sharing nature’s wisdom very practically: providing people with a possibility and a reason to connect back with nature herself.

After this was running successfully, Koshaa went on to start programs to simplify collective decision-making. The Koshaa Self-Organisation program takes inspiration from decision-making and regulation processes in nature to challenge the notion of the current hierarchical decision-making process, allowing every individual as part of the team to take ownership and feel a responsibility towards the desired outcome for the whole unit. They have taught these practises to organisations like Bosch Foundation, Etihad Airways, and the United Nations along with their partner organisation Swae.

Another of their programs called Pranified is to provide access to vibrant health. Pranified conducts workshops and living food events to make people aware to detox their bodies through raw living food. In the first week of Jan 2022 members of Koshaa organised a 4-day raw living food seminar for 400 medical students in Hyderabad.


Koshaa members also aspired to make a flagship event to share on how to simplify life and its benefits; hence Raw Life Celebration (RLC) was born.

RLC provides a natural ambiance for participants to enhance the best of their potential. RLC gives them a chance to holistically transform their life. Every day a different topic is covered, from vibrant health, financial freedom, relationships, being at peace, and so on. The food served at the celebration event is also completely raw vegan living food. Koshaa has conducted three such retreats in Goa, Haryana and Chattisgarh.

Some participants of the RLC program felt like continuing living the same way with Koshaa and out of this came the need to establish a long-term living community called ‘Madhuravan’.

Koshaa has been able to procure housing, a piece of land, and is aiming to build a treehouse in the pristine Konkan hills of East Goa. The land around the living space is being used to grow food using techniques of permaculture and organically, following the Food Forest concept of Koshaa. This living space can be used by anyone willing to support Koshaa’s philosophy however they can. 




Koshaa envisions a world of bliss for everyone. Their simplified life-cycle approach fuelling all its programs provides practical ways for anyone to transform their personal lives and professional environment to move closer to that vision. 

What area of your life would you most like to transform? 

Find out how to get there by visiting:

Listen to Koshaa’s podcasts here.


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