Activists In Mumbai Perform Last Rites For All Animals Killed By Human Greed For NARD

NARD: National Animal Rights Day, an annual activity to commemorate the death of billions of animals who are murdered for human greed, took place in many countries and different states, including Mumbai.

Over 60 animal lovers attended the event coming from many different backgrounds- some were vegans, some vegetarians, some were passionate about environmental causes and many were animal lovers.

“The purpose of NARD is to commemorate the death of billions of animals who die because of our greed. We express grief on their departure just like we would do at a human’s funeral, this is followed by educating people about how we can live a cruelty-free life and NARD ends with a celebration,” said Rajeshwar, Regional Co-ordinator, Our Planet Is Theirs Too.

The event saw many poems and songs being performed and passionate speeches highlighted the suffering of animals.

Many locals participated in the event, few even said they will stop eating non-vegetarian food and read up about veganism.

Activities like these are much needed to bring awareness about the agony of animals and educate others about their choices to prevent the killing of countless animals every second.

Many activists and even some onlookers got emotional attending the event and a seed of compassion was planted in their hearts.

Rajeshwar added, “The event went very well, the turnout was much higher than we initially estimated. Indian activists are poised to lead the animal rights movement worldwide. More than 100 people were present in Mumbai and massive attendance was recorded in 19 Indian cities as well as more than 50 counties worldwide. “

“NARD truly unites activists around the world.”

Naman, Country Liason, Animal Save Movement said, “We wanted to create awareness by making the connection between animal and human funerals. We performed a funeral for the animals and got to educate everyone on veganism. Post the ceremony, we had a conversation with the people present there, we urged them to join Mumbai Animal Save and together fight for animal liberation.”

Aparajita, Regional Liason, Animal Save Movement added, “NARD will keep growing every year uniting more and more people around the world. More cities and countries are joining each year along with the existing ones.”

The Mumbai Animal Save is a group of grassroots activists who do regular events to raise awareness about veganism and the plant-based treaty. Many vigils, outreaches, Potluck events, food drives and other effective activities are in store for the future.


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Compassion India Magazine

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