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Why Practice Ahimsa

Ahimsa means not to harm anyone to the extent possible. In Sanskrit the prefix ‘a’ means “not”, while himsa means “harming, injuring, killing, or doing

Veganism Is A Moral Obligation

Born in a Jain family, I always believed in the principles of ahimsa. Also, as an animal lover, I used to consider myself as compassionate.

My Vow of Silence

I have taken a vow of silence for the trillions of suffering, voiceless non-humans, enslaved and tortured, with no one to hear their cries or

The Game Changers

Here are a group of raw food specialists who follow a revolutionary system of disease reversal at no cost. Their vision is for every household

How I Lost 8kg And Reversed Diabetes

Septuagenarian, Dayanand Kamath cut out dairy and animal products from his diet and took up walking to radically transform his life.        Can you talk

Change Starts With Us

For the past 5 years or so, I have never left home without this badge. It is my way of establishing my values upfront; It

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