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Explore the journey of Prakriti Varshney. World’s 1st Indian Vegan Woman to scale Mt. Everest, that too just at the age of 26. She breaks and debunks many myths about veganism and gives a tight response to those who says vegan diet is weak.

Without having any financial backup or a mentor, but just dreams and will, she was able to conquer wonder. Even learn about her mindset, compassion, inspiration and many other things. One girl who is completely out of the box!

About Prakriti

Prakriti Varshney is a traveler and a mountaineer. She made history on 12th May by scaling Mt. Everest and becoming India’s 1st woman to do so. She has travelled all over India and climbed many other mountains such as Deo Tibba, Yunam, Mentok Kangri, Gangstang, Ama Dablam and many more. This is the portrayal of her journey to scale Mt. Everest. She is a robust role model, especially for all females, she represents how a woman should remain bold, and courageous, follow their dreams and fulfil them.


Film Reviews

It’s an amazing documentary. Prakriti had a lot of obstacles to scale the Mt. Everest such as the cooks won’t cook for her, she had to eat in kitchen, she had no money to learn mountaineering so she worked as a porter and what not. Her story is very inspiring. Also, she went vegan immediately after learning the horrors of the dairy industry.
Highly inspiring documentary. Story of Prakriti who had nothing but just dreams and energy, how she went ahead and conquered the milestone of scaling Mt Everest and becoming first Indian vegan woman to do so at the age of 26 that too being a vegan. She even solved all the issues very easily, no matter how difficulty those are. My one big takeaway is that if we have will to do anything, we can do whatever we want.
Kevin Karla
It’s a great documentary, there is a lot of learning from Prakriti. She educates a lot about veganism, how simple and yet the most powerful it is. She scaled Mt. Everest on a strict vegan diet and was super energetic throughout and after the climb also.
Abhishek Jain
It was a FANTASTIC documentary, it’s just so inspiring, I cannot say it! I’m out of words. Being a trekker, I can even relate to the difficulties she faced. Being a woman, so bold, she looks up at her. This documentary is much needed. Thanks even to the makers, Dr Rupa Shah and Vatsal Nathwani. Because of them, I could watch the documentary and know more about her.
Shweta Savla
We specially came from Rajasthan to follow this event. As we are Jain, we already believe in veganism. I, Abhishek Jain, my mom Manju Devi, Brother Shailesh. We came because we knew we will learn new things. As a Jain, we need to learn about veganism and know what can we do further. Being a Jain, if we add on about veganism, current and future generation will improve. Even the movie was very great. What Prakriti done at the age of 26 years is something people might not do in entire lifetime. When nature calls you, just listen to the call.
Testimonial of the family, who specially came from Rajasthan to attend this event


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Dr. Rupa Shah

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Vatsal Nathwani

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